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Old fashoined

My boos ask me last if I could order notepads. I looked at him and asked: what brand? Apple, Samsung? I thought he mend a tablet. But no he talked about old fashioned paper notepads. You know the yellow ones. You can stick on your computer screen. I told him, that nowadays you have digital notepads on your computer desktop. He answered that you could not write on these. So that was the end of the discussion. I searched on the internet for the notepads. Made a note in y digital notepad. And ordered the paper notepads. They come tommorrow

To be able to move

What is a joint in the body? It is actually the location at which two or more bones make contact. They are constructed to allow movement and provide mechanical support, and are classified structurally and functionally. Structural classification is determined by how the bones connect to each other, while functional classification is determined by the degree of movement between the articulating bones. In practice, there is significant overlap between the two types of classifications. Ther scull bone is not made for movement in the same way. It is fantstic but complex.